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Royal Yachting Association

Setting the Standards – RYA Quality Assured

Getting on the water

Whether you are interested in sailing, powerboat racing, motor cruising, windsurfing or personal watercraft, the hardest thing to do is to know how to get started. Now, thanks to the RYA, finding the right training is easier than ever!

Why do I need RYA training?

From beginner to world class sailor, the RYA has a training course to suit you. Reputed to provide the best training in the world, the RYA constantly assesses the needs of leisure and professional boat users and reflects these changes in its training schemes. Whether you are after a one day personal watercraft course to master the moves, or the rigorous RYA Yachtmaster qualification, RYA training will help you get to grips with the basics, develop your skills and learn how to have fun safely on the water.

Who provides RYA Training?

You will find RYA Training Centres throughout the UK, as well as in Europe, the USA, South America and even Thailand. These are Centres that have been given approval from the RYA to runs its training courses. Thorough evaluation of the Centres makes sure that they meet with the high standards of the RYA. Not only are the Centres assessed when they apply for recognition, but also on regular intervals by independent inspectors to ensure that they continue to comply with the strict guidelines set.

How can I find a Training Centre?

You can visit the RYA website or call us on 0845 345 0384 to find out where your nearest centre is.

How can I be sure a Training Centre is RYA recognised?

Until recently RYA Training Centres were known as ‘Recognised Training Establishments’ and many still carry this logo on their advertising, leaflets or signage. The new RYA Training Centre quality assurance mark replaces this and the RYA is urging all its recognised centres to adopt the new mark by 2004.

What does Quality Assurance Mark mean?

Where you see the Quality Assurance mark used by a training centre you can expect
• to be taught by an experienced, qualified instructor
• to follow a national syllabus and standard that is recognised not just in the UK but overseas as well
• that the craft you will be taught in will be well-maintained and seaworthy
• to be covered by insurance in the unlikely situation of an accident
Aside from the practical and classroom based training schemes that the RYA develops, there are also many RYA publications that help you learn about boating. For a wide choice of titles on every aspect of the sport, call the RYA on 0845 345 0400 or visit our online webshop at

About the RYA

• The RYA is the national body for all forms of recreational and competitive
boating. It represents dinghy and yacht racing, motor and sail cruising,
RIBs and sports boats, powerboat racing, windsurfing, inland cruising and
personal watercraft. Sailing is the most successful Olympic sport in this country and Great Britain is the world’s top Olympic sailing nation.

• The RYA is recognised by all government offices as being the negotiating body for the activities it represents. It continually fights for the rights and freedoms of its 98,500 personal members, the majority of whom choose to go afloat for purely recreational non-competitive pleasure on coastal and inland waters. There are an estimated further 500,000 boat owners nationally who are members of RYA affiliated clubs and class associations.

• The RYA also sets and maintains a recognised standard for recreational boat training through a network of 1500 independently operated training facilities. Over 120,000 people per year voluntarily complete RYA training courses.

• The RYA is committed to promoting all forms of boating and making them accessible to everyone. For more information please refer to our web site Royal Yachting Association (RYA)

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