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UK Association of Rimfire Benchrest Shooting

To explain what we are about let me put some facts in front of you.

The Target we use has a ten ring that measures 6.5mm in diameter. Inside that it has a 10X ring of 1mm diameter which to score means it has to be obliterated. Each scoring target, 25 in all, has a scoring zone from 10 to 5, the overall size being 39mm, these are set within a 52mm by 52mm box, any shot outside those constraints scores zero. This is all shot at 50 metres where the shooter has to take into account, wind, altitude, humidity, temperature and a time limit of 30 minutes including sighters, all of which have a drastic effect on accuracy. The projectile is .22 rimfire with max 1100 f/s straight out of the box.

The rifles used range from the 10/22, CZ to Anschutz and Sako Finfire in the Sporter and 10.5lb Class with mainly Target Anschutz's in the Unlimited Class but there are a few Martini Internationals. All you need is a front adjustable pedestal with sandbag and a rear sand bag with a solid bench and stool. Scopes are restricted in the Sporter Classes from either 12X or 6.5X, the 10.5lb and Unlimited Classes have no restrictions, with 36X or 40X scopes being the norm.

The maximum score possible is 250 with 25 10X's, the closest the UKBenchrest22 Members have come to that is 249 with eleven 10X's at 50M. There are various Classes from Sporter, Hunter, International Sporter, 10.5lb through to Unlimited; we also have a separate section for 25 yard / M Benchrest for Clubs that do not have 50 metre facilities, using different Targets. Recent enquiries and much interest opened up a separate Airgun Section which will start in the Winter Season on 1st October.

This is not a new sport, in the USA there are nearly 5000 shooters and on average 150 to 200 per match each weekend. For Europe, Italy alone has over 400 shooters, and Rimfire Benchrest is also big in Australia and Japan. The sport is growing rapidly in Ireland with on average 45 shooters travelling to each match. It may not be big in this country but we hope it will some day. It is very addictive once tried; we have 120+ Members so far that think that way. All our matches are Postal so there is no travelling expense, you use your own Club facilities.

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