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Which sport will you try next?

There are scores of sports you can try whether you are young or old, super fit, out of condition or disabled. There is information here about each sport, including how to get training, and links to clubs and associations. Why not give some of these a try?


AIKIDO is essentially non-violent, encourages harmony of Mind, Body & Spirit and the avoidance of confrontation. Force is never opposed by force. more


Basketball is the World's fastest growing and largest participation sport – it is played by millions all over the world. more


Badminton is the World’s No. 1 racket sport, and approximately 2 million people play in the UK on a regular basis. more

Baseball and softball

Baseball has been played in the UK since 1890. Softball has been one of the fastest growing adult team sports in the UK over the past two decades. more

Bob Skeleton

As adrenaline rushes go, it’s up there with the best, but with the essential difference that success can take you through to the Olympics.more

Canoeing And Kayaking

Canoeing is a sport rich in potential for young and old - the adventurous and the less adventurous.more

Drag Racing

This take place all over the country from sea fronts to country parks and airfields. more


Enduros are long distance off-road motorcycle endurance events where competitors keep to time schedules between check points. more


The European martial art, offering a physical and mental challenge with a touch of glamour. more

Field Archery

REAL archery, using Traditional English Longbows, Olympic-style recurve bows, American Flatbows, and even compound bows. more


Does your dog love exercise? Flyball is a fun sport for your dog, any dog any age any size, if your dog is fit enough it can play Flyball. more


Golf is a stimulating challenge combined with getting out in the fresh air in pleasant surroundings, played alone or in groups by people of all ages and abilities. more


Joining a British Gymnastics club will give you the chance to have expert coaching and you may even end up in the Olympics! more


A spectacular game - a cross between rugby and basketball on horseback! more


Whether ambling through countryside or galloping across fields, horse riding is fun and exciting for both adults and children. more


Events include hovercraft race meetings, cruises, offshore events and other social activities. more

Ice Skating

This is very polpular in Great Britin and about 90% of the population have tried ice skating at one time. more


There are no Attacks in Jujitsu! As it is pure Self Defence therefore Students are taught to restrain, immobilize, and control an attacker. more


Ideal for confidence and fitness, as well as self defence.


Possibly your first step into the exciting world of motor sport! more

Kite Surfing

An exhillarating sport with national and international competitions. more


This is a team game for adults and juniors - a mixture of Handball, Netball & Basketball. more


This is an athletic, physical and skilful game played by males and females. more

Lawn Mower Racing

Motor sport can be expensive, so why not race lawn mowers instead! more

Microlight Flying

Get a totally different view of the world, flying as a pilot in command of your own aeroplane. more

Mini Golf

Minigolf is very similar to adventure golf and crazy golf but played oncourses that are designed to reward skill. more


Whether watching or taking part racing bikes over dirt tracks is exciting and suitable for all ages. more

Moto Grand Prix

Real motorcycle racing for competitors aged 15 upwards. more


The thrill of the open road with enjoyable, safe and competitive days of organised sporting action more

Muzzle loaders

Learn all about, and fire, ancient style muzzle loading firearms. more


Navigating between control points marked on a unique orienteering map - suitable for all ages. more


To be in freefall, surrounded by nothing but blue sky is to know true freedom. more


Similar to bowls, petanque is said to have first begun seven thousand years ago! more


The fastest ball sport in the world, played with four riders on horses to a team. more


Enjoy The discovery that walking outdoors can bring, and learn to respect for the life of the countryside with experienced guides. more

Road Racing

Proper motorcyle racing but open to youngsters from 11 years of age upwards. more


The new ball game taking the world by storm that kids clamour to play. more

Roller Hockey

A fast semi-contact ball game played on roller skates or blades between two teams. more


Rounders is a game for both children and adults, and is currently the most popular sport for secondary school girls. more


There are over five hundred rowing clubs in Britain, using rivers, canals, reservoirs and seas all around the country, and their members range in age from 9 to 80. more

pose running

Whilst strength and stamina are important, technique of movement can vastly improve performance. more

Scooter Racing

This has evolved from gentle trials in the 1960s into a serious high speed sport suitable for all ages from 11 upwards. more

Sea angling

This is an economical sport that can be enjoyed for eirther relaxation or competition.



Target shooting with small-bore rifles and pistols and air rifles and air pistols is part of one of the largest participant sports in the country. more

Rimfire Benchrest Shooting

This is a shooting sport for those aiming to become marksmen and women. more


This is now a very popular sport with hundreds of thousands of us going abroad for skiing holidays each year. more

Slot Car Racing

Slot cars are electrically powered model racing cars guided by a hand controller, which can race each other over a circuit. more


Imagina the ultimate motorbike race over dirt tracks, spectacular turns and jumps as well as tarmac. more


Britain's most popular sporting activity with 22% of adults and 50% of children swimming regularly. more

Table Tennis

Not only Britain's favourite racket sport but an Olympic one too.more


This is an inexpensive and healthy sport, and with dedication and practice you might compte against the world's best. more

Thundercat Racing

Exciting and competitive inflatable boat racing for spectators and competitors alike. more

Track Racing

motorbike and sidecar racing on mainly grass tracks, suitable for both adults and children. more


These are tests of motorbike riding skills and balance over a variety of different obstacles. more


A race against the clock by swimming, cycling and running. more

Touring Car Racing

A fast and furious spectator sport in which professional drivers race in cars very similar to our every day cars. more

Tug Of war

The ever popular test of strength and technique for literally any types of team. more


With a team in nearly every town in Britain Ultimate is a mixed sex sport played with a frisbee. more


Volleyball is one of the most popular indoor team sports in the world. more

Water Ski Racing

One for ultimate sports enthusiasts, a test of both boats and skill. more

weight Lifting

Development of muscle and technique for most age groups. more


Whether you are a complete beginner or an accomplished sailor, the RYA has a training course that will suit you. more

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