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National Ice Skating Association

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Ice Skating is an absorbing and exciting spectacle. Combining speed, powerful jumping, spins and graceful movement.

It is a sport that everyone can enjoy (male/female – young and old). Research indicates that 90% of the population have tried ice skating at one time.

Ice skating has a UK wide presence and has enormous grass roots participation in addition to athletes aspiring to the elitism and standards of an Olympic sport.

There are approximately 2.5 million visitors to ice rinks in the United Kingdom every year (11 million visits).

NISA has now developed a clear, integrated pathway from beginners (grass roots) through to elite at World and Olympic standards.

Career Pathway – Skater to Coach – NCCP

NISA has a large and vibrant recreational skating community comprising of individuals from 20-80 years old


The National Ice Skating Association was formed in 1879.

Great Britain is one of the founding members of the International Skating Union (ISU)

HM Queen Elizabeth II is our current patron. We have received Royal Patronage since the 1881

Historically British Figure Skating has attained a total of 10 Olympic medals, 6 of which have been gold.

In the World Championships we have achieved a total of 81 medals:
28 Gold 
29 Silver 
24 Bronze

Speed skating is a later addition to our sport. Short Track Speed was recognised as an Olympic sport in 1994 and as an ISU sanctioned World Championships since 1976.

NISA is based within our prestigious National Ice Centre in Nottingham


There are five recognised Ice Skating disciplines at a competitive standard:

Singles skating – both ladies and men incorporating all the artistry of skating including showmanship and high levels of athleticism along with immaculate looks to ensure the sport is visually pleasing.

Pairs skating – requires incredible trust and confidence in the partnership. The breathtaking and dangerous lifts make this sport particularly popular.

Ice Dancing – an interpretation of dancing and theatre on ice. It is delightful to watch with all the excitement of a Broadway Show. In the UK it is the most popular of all the disciplines (over 23 million watched Torvill and Dean’s free programme at the 1994 Olympics.

Synchronized skating – Teams of skaters move in unison using intricate footwork, circles, lines, blocks intersection and wheels wearing sophisticated costumes to extremely entertaining routines. Caberet on ice

Short Track Speed Skating – Racing at speeds in excess of 30mph around a 11metre oval with turns taken at extreme angles creating a highly charged atmosphere for both competitors and spectators. Speed skaters are some of the fittest athletes in any sport. Short track speed is in receipt of World Class Lottery funding enabling both our Development and Elite athletes to train on a full time basis.

Ice skating is an excellent product. A sport that is clean, healthy, drug and violence free that combines artistry, gymnastics, athletics, aerobics, ballet and ballroom dancing.



  • Pathway grassroots skating programme to encourage young people to participate in the sport of ice-skating.
  • Ten skill levels
  • Taught by NISA qualified NCCP coaches
  • Programme emphasises fun and continuous movement and coached in a group format.
  • Encourage and identify ‘Talented Skaters’ so that they are fast tracked through to the NISA system of training
  • Product formally launched January 2002
  • As at the end of November 2002:
  • 38 Ice Arenas were delivering the programme (62% of all arenas in the UK)
  • 18,000 individual certificates have been issued
  • 25,200 individual woven badges have been issued
  • Ambassador for the programme: Robin Cousins MBE
  • Skate UK conduit to Ice Hockey


Franchise operation with the rinks for Skate UK

Local, regional, national competitions between Skate UK participants

Ambassador programme to be extended

Introduction of Skate UK into temporary ice and plastic arenas. Particularly around Christmas time (eg Somerset House, Cardiff, Edinburgh).








3315 (73%)

1125 (25%)




765 (35%)



1870 (84%)

360 (16%)

NB: Members may participate in more than one discipline.


On a National basis, more women (21.9%) than men (6.4%) enjoy watching Ice Skating on TV.

NISA has over 4,000* members in the UK

There are currently 61 ice arenas in the UK that attract an average 11m visit per year (approximately 2.5 million visitors)

Currently approximately 45,000 Learn to Skate programmes are delivered per year. The majority of whom are below the age of 12. Of this figure 30,000 are NISA Skate UK courses giving access to an additional 60,000 consumers.

NISA has two National Ice Centres:

Nottingham – opened 2001 at a cost of approximately 40 million with 23 million Lottery funds
Sheffield – opened May 2003 at a cost of approximately 20 million with 13 million lottery funds

NISA has access to over 400 qualified coaches and 280 ISU recognised judges/referees.


  • Over 80% participation by females under the age of 18
  • Clean, healthy, drug free sport
  • Quality, professional learn to Skate programme delivered by NCCP accredited coaches
  • Direct access to over 4,000 individuals
  • Direct access (via authorised rinks) to 30,000 individuals
  • Indirect access to a further 60,000 individuals
  • Ideal fit with Ice Hockey to provide a package of ice sports promotional opportunities to interested sponsors.

Visit our website: The National Ice Skating Association.

Please mention Try My Sport when contacting this sports association.


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