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 Thundercat Racing

Thundercat Inflatable Boats

Thundercat Racing

A community based, extreme worldwide water sport. Close action racing produces an adrenaline sport that is exciting and thrilling for both racers and spectators.

The design, development and technical input has led to a new bread of quality inflatable boats with racing pedigrees that reach extreme speeds and out manoeuvre any other waterborne boat of a similar size. 'If NASA were to design a Lilo, it would be a Thundercat!'

These boats can be used for racing or pleasure enabling waterskiing, wakeboarding or just fun with the family.

Unlike conventional boat racing Thundercat's compete in various disciplines; breaking surf, offshore circuit, inland circuit, long hauls and river racing.

STAMINA, FITNESS, AGILITY, FLEXIBILITY AND SHEAR DETERMINATION are required to compete in this very competitive environment. Local club and National racing are offered within the UK and for those who wish to achieve the ultimate goal, international and world championships are held each year.

If you love the look of the sport but do not want to compete but would like to be in on the action our community invites all to join. Hosting fun weekends for everyone. Be part of the Thundercat global community and meet new friends!

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M2M Racing
Thundercat Racing is driven by M2M Racing Club, which is the passion, and motivating force behind Thundercat Racing.

Pilots are welcome to enter any make of boat, engine and type of propeller that complies with the regulations and rules.

With low cost startup race packages this new sport is a highly attractive proposition with mass appeal for both motor sport and extreme wind sport competitors and spectators.

Please mention Try My Sport when contacting this sports association.


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