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Want to take up jujitsu?

In the annals of Martial Arts ( Budo ) Jujitsu is known as the mother of the Arts; meaning that within the confines of the Techniques used, all the moves are within other Arts, such as Karate, Aikido, Judo and Kobudo.

The difference is that there are no attacks in Jujitsu! As it is pure Self Defence therefore Students are taught to restrain, immobilize, and control an attacker, rather than harm the attacker! In other words become the Attacker rather than the Defender.

The United Kingdom Jujitsu Association International was founded in the year 1985 by Soke Allan Tattersall who holds the highest awards and Titles given by mat examination to a non Japanese in Jujitsu. His Style, Myo Shin Ryu Jujitsu, was designated by the Dai Nippon Butoku Kai, Kyoto Japan (International Division Chairman Dr H.T.Hamada. Kyudan Hanshi).

He is also a holder of the Combat Hall of Fame Awards 2001. Presently 14 Countries are in Membership of the UKJJAI of which he is the International Director and Chief Officer.

In the UK there are 20 Clubs scattered around in full membership, from Essex - Leeds. Due to strict safeguards within the UKJJAI many clubs in the past have not kept to the standards required and have dropped by the wayside; such is the standard, that many feel it is too much for them.

However these Standards are such that since 1985 only 1 Insurance claim through injury has been claimed, a record I'm sure many Associations will look at in envy.

The UKJJAI accept all ages from 8 Years old upwards, having no prejudices against any race, creed, or culture. Our Style covers Arm Locks, Wrist Locks, Strangles, Chokes, Kicks, Punches, Blocks, Ground Defences, All Throws, plus at higher Grades Jo & Sword ( Iaido ) with a separate Syllabus for Children.

Further information can be obtained by contacting the United Kingdom Jujitsu Association International.


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