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A little about me ....

Hi. My name is Karen Parr and I am a working mum with three lovely kids. Despite my work and domestic duties (children can take up a huge amount of time!) I still manage to keep fit through my membership of the Rambler's Association (which I cannot praise too highly) as well as sailing weekends with my husband John and the children on our Wayfarer dinghy. We stick strictly to lakes whilst the kids are with us but we are members of several sailing clubs which give us the chance to get out on the ocean from time to time with the benefit of other company and, not least of all, a competently crewed safety boat in attendance.

I think we are all pretty fit; this is of course partly genetic but also partly because John and I have always been keen on sports and we actually met on to of Kinder Scout during a hike in pouring rain. Exercise can bring more benefits than just health ones!

I put this site together in the hope of encouraging other people to try some of the sports that have given us so much pleasure and excitement over the years. Perhaps we can give you some ideas about sports you may never have considered but which may become part of your future life!

If you would like to get in touch about any suggestions for this site; or just a chat about your own favourite sport; you can

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