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Enduro - Endurance Events

Enduros are long distance off-road motorbike endurance events where competitors keep to time schedules between check points.

The roots of enduros stretch back to 1913 when the International Six Days was run to test the reliability and endurance of man and machine; an event that still takes place around the world today; the present form of enduros have evolved from this.

Most events are of one or two days in duration and last up to 8 hours per day covering around 100 miles a day – usually a number of laps of the same course generally using forestry or hill ground. Competitors loose points for being early or late at check points and ties are decided at special tests of either a motocross circuit or cross country route with competitors timed on these tests to one hundredth of a second.

The competitors must maintain their own machines and are responsible for all repairs during the event. Though wheels and engines are not allowed to be changed, once the event has started top riders can change a tyre in under four minutes.

Enduro events are split into various categories based on rider ability and sub divided into engine capacity classes. In many Enduro’s (including the British Championship) there is a class for female competitors and there is often a class for sidecars that is also divided into ability groups; Britain is one of the few countries that have sidecar Enduro’s.

Two variations on enduros are Hare and Hounds events and Rallies.

Hare and Hounds are run on a smaller course where competitors cover a set number of laps in usually 3 hours. These events are ideal to start competing and build stamina for other events.

Rallies are designed for the many large trail bikes which are available and these events use less demanding terrain, include a series of tests and are favoured by the less competitive riders.

Enduro sport is staged at many levels from local events through to British Championship to European and World Championship.

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